Birth Brief contact by email

This is available where, on the Birth Briefs Index pages, the BBID number is followed by ‘e-mail’. Send an e-mail to member contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as follows:

  • in the subject, you MUST include the Membership Number (BBId) of the member you wish to contact
  • include the surname plus forename of interest, also in the subject
  • in the body of the message, confirm your own e-mail address
  • give a short explanation for your interest
  • confirm that you found the information in the Birth Briefs Index pages on <>
  • do not include any attachment

You will receive an acknowledgement from the society once your message is forwarded to the other member, generally within ten days.

You may not receive a response from the member — for example, if they have recently changed their e-mail address and not updated the society. In this case you may wish to contact them by letter.

Page reviewed and updated 16th November 2018

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