Sample birth brief

Birth Briefs will usually be supplied using the PAF (Personal Ancestral File) Pedigree report. This produces (see the sample below) five generations on one A4 sheet.

For each person, space permitting, the following information is provided:

Date of Birth/Baptism
Place of Birth/Baptism
Date of Marriage
Place of Marriage
Date of Death/Burial
Place of Death/Burial

If all the details cannot be displayed in the available space the 'name' will be abbreviated; individual parts of other information may also be abbreviated or the whole item truncated.

For people who were born/baptised less than 100 years ago (or for whom there is no birth date) and for whom there are no confirmed details of death, accepted practice today is to replace names with either 'living female' or 'living male', and include no other details.

In a few exceptional cases, where the Birth Brief was provided to the society some time ago, as in the example below, the name alone may be shown.

Sample Birth Brief

The great-great-grandparent generation is split in this example. Male ancestors, the 'husbands' appear in the fifth column and the 'wives' in the sixth column.

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