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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Visit to the National Archives at Kew (All day)

This is a visit to The National Archives at Kew, London for members and others who feel they might want some support on their foray into research at the National Archives — or who just want to pursue their own research.

The proposed format for the main party is to take a train (about 10am) from Reading to Richmond (Waterloo line) and then catch the R68 bus to the retail park adjacent to the National Archives. (Rail cards and bus passes welcome!)

You can, of course, travel independently and a meetup will be arranged at the on-site café and cafeteria.

Some of us will return before the rush-hour and others may wish to avail themselves of the late-night opening on the day.

Guy Grannum will provide an introduction to the National Archives at the Computer Branch in Woodley the previous month, focussing on the Discovery catalogue.

Please contact Chad Hanna or Gillian Stevens if you want to join us on the day, and we will try and make your day a success for you.

As always, please check out the 'Visit us' pages on the National Archives web site at www.nationalarchives.gov.uk before you join us.

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