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Thursday, July 04, 2019

Visit to The National Archives at Kew (Thu. 4 Jul, 2019 9:55 am - 7:00 pm)

A group visit to the National Archives (TNA) at Kew is planned for Thursday, 4th July 2019 - this is an informal event with group support - there is no charge other than your own travel and refreshments.

If you wish to travel with Gillian Stevens, Chad Hanna and others from the Computer branch, we are planning to catch the S W train from Reading (towards London Waterloo) which leaves Reading Station at 9:55am and reaches Richmond station at 11:01. You do not have to join the train at Reading but can get on at any stop on route such as Earley at 10:01, Winnersh Triangle at 10:03, Winnersh at 10:05, Wokingham at 10:10, Bracknell at 10:16, etc. (please check train times as they may change)

Train costs from Reading to Richmond are £19.60 off peak day return or £12.95 with a railcard. No need to purchase a travelcard as there is less walking and quicker by using the bus rather than using the underground. Plus it is cheaper. (prices as at 16th June)

From Richmond station we will walk across the road and catch the R68 bus to its last stop at Kew Retail park. The bus leaves approximately every 15 minutes and the journey time is also 15 minutes. The bus costs £1.50 each way but free if you have a bus pass. Buses do not take cash but you can use a contactless card (if you do not have a contactless card don’t worry as I have one that I will take with me) or an Oyster card.

There is no set time to leave. TNA is open until 7.00pm so we are leaving it up to you as to whether you prefer travelling before or after the evening rush.

There is no cost for using TNA except for drinks, lunch (you can take your own which will be cheaper) and photocopying. However using your own camera/smartphone costs nothing. If you have a tablet or computer then I suggest taking it as you can download TNA online documents for free (also suggest doing you research first by searching https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/ and ticking the ‘Available to download from The National Archives’ option).

We suggest that if you do not already have a current reader’s ticket, or your reader’s ticket needs renewing, then to save time, we recommend you start the process online at https://secure.nationalarchives.gov.uk/login/yourdetails Note: pay particular attention to the two forms of ID you need. A driving licence alone is not enough!

If you decide to travel by car (there is a car park, costs £7 for the day) or by a different train route (there is a bus from Ealing Broadway), we will have a get-together at approx 11.30 in the TNA café area. Other times can be arranged.

Once at TNA and after we have got our reader’s tickets we will have a quick walk around for anyone new to TNA or needs a refresher. We will look at both document reading rooms and the way to order and receive original documents, the computers, the library and the very useful help desks.

Chad and I will both be there to answer any questions or to provide assistance throughout the day. A suitable time will be arranged to all meet up for lunch (the cafe area allows own food or bought TNA food so we can eat together).

Please will you let us know if you want to participate in this visit. If yes, then whether you will be travelling with us and which station you will be boarding the train (so we can look out for you) or if you are planning on meeting us at TNA.

Please may we have your mobile phone number in case of any problems. We will supply a mobile contact number for the day. Thanks.

If you need to cancel your trip then we realise that life sometimes gets in the way. Illness, family crisis, etc. aren’t always known about until the morning of the outing.

If you wish to bring other members of the family or friends that is OK, we just need to know their name and where we will be meeting them.

If you have any questions, queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Gillian Stevens and Chad Hanna

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