IT Support

To support the IT activities of the society, but excluding direct involvement with project work.

The Centre for Heritage and Family History

A Windows network comprising several Windows 10 PCs used by the public attached to a Windows 2016 essentials server, with two networked printers and one hosted printer. Also one Windows XP machine (for older software) and one Windows 7 PC machine (for CD duplication tasks) connected to the network but not connected to the Internet.

Activities include:

  • Resolving day-to-day problems.
  • Liaise with Research Zone committee providing instructions for start up and shut down of computers and equipment to enforce agreed policies.
  • Maintaining desktop for guest accounts, ensuring a clean desk on sign-in.
  • Enforcing security policy, including the separation of Shop computer from the remainder of the network, and ensuring that members’ (and customers’) contact details are not available on publicly available logins.
  • Assisting with the annual Enterprises PCI/DSS SAQ (Payment Card Industries Data Security Standards Self-Assessment Questionnaire), reviewing and maintaining the security policy and ensuring that it is implemented.
  • Ensuring that Internet Security and anti-virus programs are in place and current, and that full scans are performed on a regular basis.
  • Ensure Windows and other security updates take place without undue delay.
  • Assist in the provision of the centre’s reference library catalogue.
  • Work with the webmaster and team to provide web server applications that assist in the centre’s activities, including the assistants’ roster, library catalogue and event bookings.
  • Liaise with our broadband and phone provider regarding provision of broadband and telephone connections. Investigate alternatives when appropriate. Liaise with others to ensure that IP address changes are forwarded to subscription providers in good time.

Also help is requested to implement processes to access data on copied CD-ROMs, principally in the form of PDF files. Currently this is done using a hierarchy of web pages with links to the appropriate files. Ideally this would be incorporated within the library catalogue system and add useful web links.

Branch and Events laptops and projectors

Each of the six branches and the events team require access to a Windows laptop PC, WXGA or HD data projector (or better) and, for events, a printer and a second 19 inch monitor.
Ensure presenters laptops for external events, events at CHFH, , and branches exist with full PowerPoint on at least one and other aids to presentations. Provide instructions.

BerksFHS Books

Ensure that the customer details and other information on the Enterprise's computers in the Centre office are maintained securely and backed up off site.

Longer term

Work with the IT Development group, Centre and Research Zone committees within their terms to help the society to achieve its aims and objectives.

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