The webmaster has overall responsibility for the society's web sites and email accounts. Experience of WordPress is highly desirable, but the capability and willingness to learn is more important. A more complete list of current responsibilities follows:

  • Monitor domain registrations with hosting provider and registrars and register new domains, if required.
  • Maintain email forwards and mailboxes and advise people on their appropriate use.
  • Work with IT development team and others to specify requirements for web site updates and upgrades, and be responsible for their implementation.
  • Assist others to maintain forums and social media and liaise with their custodians.
  • Respond to queries addressed to ‘Webmaster’
  • Liaise with hosting provider(s), currently 1and1.co.uk
  • Work with Berkshire Family History Enterprises Ltd and the IT manager to maintain the web shop and the interface with the stock control database and label printer.
  • Liaise with ukbmd.org.uk webmaster regarding BerkshireBMD.org.uk and related domains, the website and its contents.

Apply to the IT manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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