England - Shropshire

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Shropshire Cassey'S Directory 1871 Edward Cassey And Co. :​Sal 1871 {07546}

Shropshire Cassey'S Directory 1871 Index Of Persons Millichamp, Michael E :​Sal 1871 {07550}

Shropshire Folklore Ghosts And Witchcraft Hughes, Jean :​Sal {06297}

Shropshire Igi (D63-115) :​Sal:​Shropshire 1988 {04531}

Shropshire Parish List Of Monumental Inscriptions :​Sal:​Shropshire {00271}

Shropshire Parish Map (29) Ihgs :​Sal {00549}

Shropshire Probates In Pcc (1700-1749) Matthews, G F :​Sal {07548}

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