A grandmother's legacy

Newbury Branch meeting Wednesday 8th May 2019

Speaker: Jenny Mallin

The talk was based around a 175-year-old book of recipes, which Jenny Mallin had inherited from her mother. It was old and tattered, as it might well have been, having survived five generations.Jenny introduced her five great-grandmothers who, together with their families, had lived in mainly Mysore and the south of India.

Amongst other things, her mother had looked after Benazir Bhutto when Benazir was a child, and thought that she was difficult to control.

She finished with the partition of India. As her whole family were Anglo-Indian, there was a dilemma about where to go. In the end her parents decided on Britain, where they had to adapt to life without servants, and strange foods. Jenny was born in London after they arrived.

We then sampled the food which Jenny had brought for us, including some shortbread, which tasted just as it should.

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