Members evening of short talks

Reading branch talk 8th December 2016

We had 4 short talks by branch members. Jackie Blow started us off with how upon moving to a new village, an interest in the local history of her village led to her joining the local history group (Spencers Wood Local History Group). This, in turn, led her to discover more links to the village than she had at first thought. SWLHG have produced yet another interesting book on the village which had been launched only the preceding day.

We then had a talk by Richard Brown, who told us of the (willow) rod industry in Woolhampton and Berkshire, and his family’s deep involvement in it. The uses for willow rods in Victorian times was many and varied, and the amount of land used for this industry in Berkshire.

Third came Richard Croker who told us about his great grandfather John Campbell Reid, who was a doctor and medical officer for a parish in Northumberland. Richard told us of the trials and tribulations of this doctors life.

Last came our Chair, Graham Vockins, who told about his wifes grandfather William Dore. How he hunted down records for him and the eventual, very convoluted, tree that resulted from only going back 2 generations.

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