The Future of The Internet for Family Historians by Peter Christian

Reading branch talk 24th November 2016

Peter gave a comprehensive talk about what is available now on the internet, and how this is likely to change in the future. Peter started by telling us about a new freely available online resource – A Dictionary of Occupational Terms. He then went on to remind us that there were genealogical advancements both off- and online, what with DNA testing, record preservation, increased availability of records online and pedigree sharing.

Peter went on to run through the main online resources currently available, and how, and sometimes, when, new records will, or should be coming available. The General Register Office have created searchable indexes to their registers, but these are currently only for births and deaths. For births, mothers maiden name is given for all births (not just post 1911 as was previously available). There is no target completion date, and it is not know if marriage indexes will be following suit.

Parish registers are still predominantly in the domain of pay per view/subscription sites, and are unlikely to come onto free sites very quickly, as the free sites are mainly run, and added to, by volunteers.

Peter looked at which main sources of records may be next to be put inline, and who is likely to be responsible for facilitating this.

Crowdsourcing was looked at as a method to enable the uploading of records to the internet.

Pedigree uploading was discussed, as to where they can be found, developments and limitations of online pedigrees.

Peter took us through the difficulties faced by new free information websites, issues surrounding privacy and how to ensure online information remains accessible in the future

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