The British Overseas, an introduction into finding Ancestors who travelled abroad by Guy Grannum


Guy who works at The National Archives gave us some little known sources that are in the collections at TNA, particularly relating to Britain’s overseas and defined the definition of such people. Starting from 1735 when the first ladings were made he explained who might be located in the indexes. Military men of the Navy, Mercenaries, Refugees both Political and Religious, those who were deported e.g. Criminals, Merchants, Artisans and labourers, members of companies such as the East India Company and British African Company as well as those that were  Kidnapped.

Passenger list records range from 1890 to 1960 but arrivals records are regarded as the better ones to seek. Pass Ports i.e. documents which allowed you to pass in and out of ports range from 1795 to 1948 in FO610 at the TNA

Records are also available of duties paid on goods and Guy recommended P W Coldham indexes for information of what is available. Finally he made us aware of reciprocal arrangements made between the Russian Imperial government and Britain.

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