Thinking Outside the Box by Lesley Coleman

This was a very entreating talk and it is difficult to summarise such was the range of ideas propounded.

Firstly she encourages us all to think of diverse ways of breaking down brick walls. As an example she cited her husband who was an adoptee and the search for his birth mother who she described as a bit of a slapper and her husband who was in the audience agreed with her assessment. They had managed to find an address where the husband was born at in Kent. Despite living in Bristol they jumped into the car and sought out the property. They knocked on the door explained who they were and the man of the house asked them to wait with his wife whilst he popped out. Shorty afterwards the man re appeared with a photograph of a wedding in which the speaker’s husband mother was a matron of honour. Apparently the man knew of the speaker’s husband’s adoption and he also knew relatives who lived nearby. From this they have found siblings. One does not think further out of the box than this.

Lesley also gave us ideas of many other ways of looking for relatives before she went on to conclude with methods and ways of self publishing ones family trees and photographs, many free on line software and you only pay for publishing. Lesley only does this when they have a special offer which saves her money.

One other random fact she told us about involved 4G telephone /  broadband filters this proved very useful to one member of our audience as the spent less than £10 bought one of the devices and promptly restored several of his TV channels which had not been received for months!

A truly random and entertaining evening.

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