Wiltshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire Wills, Beneficiaries and Obituaries - Newspapers, Obituaries, etc.


  • Given an approximate date of death look in newspapers

  • Look for

    • notices of a death

    • obituaries

    • reports of inquests, wills, burials, etc.

    • interesting death stories

  • Our examples used the British Newspaper Archive  but newspaper archives are also available in some local studies libraries and at the British Library at St Pancras (from March 2014).



An obituary may include information about:

  • a person’s age

  • when they died

  • their address

  • their occupation

  • Relationships

  • plus wonderful stories about their life!



  • Inquests are held when there is a sudden or unexplained death.

  • The purpose of the inquest is to identify the deceased, the place of death, time of death and how the deceased came by their death

  • Unfortunately few Inquest reports survive, however they are very often reported in newspapers.


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