Members Interests Index - Im-Iz

These are Surname Interests of members of the Society

Sources: FH or SUB - Berkshire Family Historian
DG - E-mail Discussion Group QU - Discussion Group questionnaire
PUB - published on fiche

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Member Number Name Interest Location County Period Source
5662 emailINGHAMOssettYKS1775-1875SUB-OCT04
7735 emailINGLISAllSEL1785-1860SUB-DEC15
168INGRAMDrayton St PeterOXF1700-1800PUB-1998
1969 not UK emailINSALL And variationsAllAllAllDG-2000
4073 emailINWOODRainhamKEN1850-1900SUB-Jan03
3252 emailISEMONGERArundelSSX1700-1725SUB-Oct02
3252 emailISEMONGEREast DeanSSX1650-1710SUB-Oct02
3252 emailISEMONGERLittlehamptonSSX1725-1900PUB-1998
3175 emailISHAMAllNTHpre 1680SUB-Nov02
6979 emailIVESCastle CampsCAMpre 1900SUB-JUN10

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