Renewing your membership

Have you renewed your membership?

The trustees would like to thank all members who have renewed promptly for your continuing support of the society and its work. They look forward to receiving all outstanding renewals in the next few weeks.

A new membership year began on Saturday, 1st July 2017 and all renewals were due on or before that date. For the few who have yet to renew, final reminders accompanied September's edition of the magazine.

Prompt renewals help to keep down society administrative costs.

A late renewal means extra costs are incurred by the society — for example, last year over £200 on extra postage alone, plus envelopes and address labels … And late renewals add to the workloads of society volunteers too.

Important points

Apart from those members who joined the society after 1st April 2017, (taking up the special extended membership offer), all other memberships should have been renewed by now.

Renewal fees for 2017/2018 are:


UK Single membership



UK Family membership



Overseas membership



Institutional membership


The society has held membership fees unchanged for the past six years. This year, a small upward adjustment is unavoidable. Fee increases remain below the general movement of UK prices in that intervening time.

VALUE FOR MONEY At less than 5p per day in almost every case, membership of Berkshire Family History Society still represents excellent value for money.

All existing members who needed to renew by 1st July received a renewal form with the June Berkshire Family Historian.  Use this link to download a copy of the form

Preferences and personal data

This coming year brings significant changes in UK data protection legislation and regulations. Before the end of 2017, your society is moving to new and better premises too. And some new products and member benefits have just been introduced,  including — for paid up members only — discounts on purchases of society publications.

To ensure that you receive news of all society developments as it breaks, you are recommended to update your contact preferences when you renew. The society will use details supplied to deliver requested membership services, society magazine, society notices, society marketing communications, and to administer its Gift Aid programme. Data will be held securely at all times and will not be used for any other purposes.

You may change your contact preferences at any time by notifying the society’s Membership Secretary

Online renewals

You can renew your membership online too, but you should note that, for the time being, the society is unable to process contact preferences, nor any changes to them, alongside online renewals. So you will need to send an email (or other communication) to the Membership Secretary to do this. Remember too that online renewals carry a small additional charge (£1) to meet the extra costs incurred by the society in processing debit and credit card payments. Use this link if you wish to renew online.

Standing order payments

Some members elect to pay membership fees by standing order. If you are one of them:

  • Please make sure that you amend your instructions to your bank to reflect the change in fees (a number of underpayments have been received)

  • Please check that your bank acted correctly on your amended instructions, and made the right payment to the society

  • Please put right any underpayment as promptly as possible

Underpayments and late payments (sadly, there are some every year) make extra work for society volunteers. A small donation or top-up cheque to redress any previous shortfall is always very much appreciated.

Make sure you keep your membership benefits

Your membership is valued by the society and is valuable to you. Don't lose your benefits by failing to renew on time and letting your membership to lapse. Should your membership lapse and you later decide to rejoin the Society, you will need to join as a new member.

Fees paid by members plus Gift Aid (reclaimed from HMRC where UK taxpayers have completed their Gift Aid declarations) still form the largest slice of the charity’s income. That income enables the society to fulfil its charitable objectives — to safeguard research facilities, to provide public benefit and education, to underpin significant outgoings in providing Branch meetings, speakers and equipment, to support a county-wide outreach programme, and to assist document preservation. Your membership fees support projects and new publications too.

Please refer any membership questions to theMembership Secretary

 The rest of this article relates to Gift Aid Declarations

page updated 7th September 2017

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