Berkshire and the War, Volume 2 (1914-1918) (CD)

NOTE: This item has been superseded by a new Berkshire and the War CD that combines the content of all five of the original CDs into just one new CD. Extra material has been added and the new CD is extensively indexed, by place, surname and organisation.

Berkshire and the War is a unique record of the county’s contribution to the First World War. Compiled between 1915 and 1919 it includes photographs and articles first published in the Reading Standard as well as retrospective accounts written especially for this publication. Around 9000 men are recorded, mainly from the Royal Berkshire Regiment and the Berkshire Yeomanry. However, men from Berkshire served in almost every unit of the British military and so almost all the regiments and corps of the army are represented, as are units of the Royal Marines and ships of the Royal Navy. The contribution of civilians to the war effort is not ignored. There are images of civic functions in aid of the war effort, details of nurses and hospitals and of the ambulance services, and summaries of the achievements during the war. The original publication (1923) was not indexed. This series of five CD ROMs is indexed by name, regiment and place. It is an essential source of information for family and military historians and for those who want to study the conflict with an emphasis on Berkshire. Each CD ROM contains an index of all five volumes in the series.

Ivan Dickason

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