East Ilsley in the 1830s (CD) (An interactive map and terrier listing.)

Sue Burnay and Nigel Wardell (Sigma Books, 2008)

This is a fully interactive production of terrier and map of East or Market Ilsley. (This downland village in west Berkshire lies a short distance south-west of Wantage.) It is dated about 1831, predating the tithe map and apportionment of 1839. The terrier lists the owners and occupiers of each numbered plot, a plot description (field name, cottage and garden), its usage (arable, meadow) and size in acres, roods and perches (a footnote in the important introduction explains these terms). This list is in three formats: by plot number, occupiers’ and owners’ names. Also in the introduction is a reproduction of the whole map which links directly to the relevant page in the terrier.Recommended as an excellent example of a clear and easily searchable format for all local historians and for any lucky family historians who have ancestors from this parish.

Jean Debney

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