How Heavy, How Much and How Long?

Weights, money and other measures used by our ancestors by Colin R Chapman, Lochin Publishing. A5, 92 pages

Would you have a problem working out how much £3/6/8 or 4 guineas are in modern money? Even if you can remember how long a chain or a rod were and you always use pounds and ounces in recipes, are you knowledgeable about ells, emms and chaldrons?   This little book contains over 100 tables converting a fascinating range of weights and measures, many unique to a particular trade, into either metric or imperial measures. Dr Chapman outlines the history of weights and measures and successive governments' attempts to standardise these throughout the country. The chapter on money covers the denomination of coins struck for each monarch. Some comparison prices are quoted e.g. husbandmen’s wages per day and the price of a large loaf of bread. With this information you will be able to assess how much an ancestor left in a will and if there is an inventory attached the size of the items possessed. This most useful book for all historians: family, local or economic.

 Judith Mitchell

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