Hw 2*t ur Fmly Hstry

Jane Starkie (The Family History Partnership, 2008) 250 mm x 170 mm, perfect bound, 160 pp.

At some time during their early years children will ask questions such as “Where do I come from?” and “Who am I?” Written primarily for the 9 – 16 years age group, this book shows how youngsters can find answers to their questions by introducing them to Family History in a lively and entertaining way.

With a plain, straightforward and confiding style of writing, Jane Starkie delivers the concepts of family trees, ancestor tracing, family history sources, and recording finding, in clear and understandable language. Throughout the book the messages in the text are reinforced with a great many photographs and pictures, word games and puzzles, with each chapter finishing with a short list of points for the young researcher to remember. Woven throughout the text is the social history that parallels the family history text, putting our ancestral names, occupations, place-names, habits and dress, urban and rural life in context – often illustrated through the lives of the children of the time. No doubt many of the readers of this book will be as shocked by the thought of going to work in a mill, or mine, from dawn to dusk at 9 years old, as by the lack of mobile phones and iPads in those earlier times!

For the child of an enquiring mind, and interested in “Where do I come from?” and “Who am I?” this book provides an excellent starting point, and is likely to inspire the persevering reader to get more involved in “Fmly Hstry.”

Tony Roberts

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