Poll Books, Directory to holdings in Great Britain (A Gibson Guide)

4th ed Jeremy Gibson and Colin Rogers (Family History Partnership, 2008) A5, 56pp ISBN 978-1-906280-09-3

From the late seventeenth century until the secret ballot was introduced in 1872 locally published poll books recorded the names of all who voted – and some who didn’t – and whom they voted for in a parliamentary election in a constituency. Some include details of occupation, residence and qualifications to vote. Listed by county in England, Wales and Scotland, this book details where such surviving poll books can be found. Also included are maps of England and Wales before and after the Parliamentary Reform Act 1832, when many changes were made. The introduction is vital because it explains what this important source is all about. There have been many changes and additions since the last edition in 1994, so this edition is an essential reference book for any serious family historian.

Jean Debney

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