Reading, Broad Street Congregational Church, Baptisms & Burials

Baptisms 1715–1884 & 1894–1902, Burials 1787–1869

The Eureka Partnership (2004) 60pp, A5

This booklet includes a history of the Congregationalist movement in Reading. The church in Broad Street was founded in the 17th century. It names the ministers who officiated at the church with a paragraph given to each one. In the case of the baptisms, the date of the baptism and child’s date of birth has been included where known. The burials are listed by date, name and age of the deceased at time of death, also the parish in which they resided. Some of the entries give the actual address. For those with, or think they might have, nonconformist ancestors this will prove to be another really useful publication from Eureka. Fully indexed.

Mary Smith

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