Reading, St Giles (also St Lukes, St Michaels & All Saints and St Agnes), Parish Registers, (CD) BFHS

BFHS CD (2008) Reading, St Giles baptisms 1564 - 1990, marriages 1564 -1991, banns 1754 - 1997, burials 1564 - 1895 and funerals 1955 – 1990 also baptisms at St Agnes 1904 - 1918, St Luke 1878 - 1912, and St Michael 1901 – 1918 

Baptisms in the daughter churches of St Agnes, St Luke and St Michael are listed in the St Giles registers at the end of each relevant year. Plague victims are identified in the burial registers of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, and there is a list of unbaptised children during the Interregnum of 1653-56. The burial register ends with the closure of the churchyard in 1895, but later funeral services are included.

Jean Debney

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