Reading, The centenary of the George Palmer School

Daphne Barnes-Phillips (Corridor Press, 2007) A4 flexiback, illustrated with photographs, 240p. ISBN 1-897715-07-2

The George Palmer Council School, dedicated to the co-founder of the well-known Huntley and Palmer biscuit company of Reading, was built between 1904 and 1907 in the Basingstoke Road, Whitley, south Reading, to replace the older Southampton Street School. The author, formerly a pupil at the school, records her own memories, those of staff and of other former pupils. Illustrated with many named photos, but unindexed. However, a detailed contents list, plus lists of headteachers, contributors and principal sources used help to make up for this. A fascinating read for anyone who was or had a family member associated with the school.

Jean Debney

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