Thatcham then and now in colour

Dr Nick Young (History Press, 2012) 24cm x 17cm, hardback, 96pp

Thatcham lies in West Berkshire, and is a historic town close to the River Kennet and the Kennet and Avon Canal. This book is a selection of archived photographs shown in comparison with the same views in modern times. It highlights the changes and developments of the town, and includes an introduction from its beginnings in the Sone Age up to the present day. In the 1970s Thatcham became a town rather than a village, as the groowth of population and the transformation of the town centre tell of a thriving community.

Each photograph is accompanied by a paragraph giving a brief history of the scene or building. All areas of the town are depicted: road layouts, the memorial hall, the high street, schools, churches, the workhouse, shops and pubs. Some families and their trades are named, so this book will appeal to both those living in Thatcham and those with family connections.

Mary Smith

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