Wokingham Free Church, Monumental Inscriptions 1921 - 2009 (CD) BFHS

This digitised transcript has some new and easy navigation features which greatly improve access. Each section of the churchyard plan is coloured, and a click brings up a plan of the burial plots with the surname (on the stone) or number (if an unmarked grave). The alphabetical name index has a link to the relevant plot and an index of names (by plot) in both of which there is a link to the data. Each entry consists of a transcript of the existing stone line by line, the entries in the burial register and a clear coloured photograph. Each unmarked grave has the entry from the burial register in italics and in square brackets, but no photograph. Click on the picture to enlarge it. The whole page and enlarged image can each be printed. As always, it is vital to read the preface and 'Using this transcript' for important information about using this CD. Originally published by Berkshire FHS in 1994 on microfiche (with data to 1993), this transcript is now updated to January 2009.

Jean Debney

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