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Berkshire Registrars

Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages for Berkshire

These contacts may help you when you want to obtain copy certificates of Births, Marriages and Deaths from local registrars, rather than from General Register Office (GRO) records.

Remember that local registrars have their own indexes to historic local life events. They cannot provide copy certificates from the  national GRO references.

Find local references for many life events registered in the Bradfield and Reading Registration Districts on the Berkshire BMD website.


Details are given for Register Offices in Berkshire's six unitary authorities  and for those in adjoining Registration Districts. Addresses and phone numbers can and do change. Directories and many websites frequently carry incorrect details. Registrars may visit other locations (libraries, hospitals) by appointment. Such places may be listed as 'offices' in some directories and websites. Your first enquiries should always be directed to the Register Offices listed below.

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