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Databases-Misc Index

This database derives from an earlier Name Index of about 100,000 'slips' of Berkshire surnames found in a variety of documents.

It includes records extracted and submitted by individuals. The Strays Index and names from some family histories have also been built into it. The information available will depend on the record type.

Page reviewed and revised 18th Decmber 2017

Databases - Berkshire Marriages

This consists of about 165,000 marriage records — a database that is being constantly updated. Early entries usually have only names of bride and groom, but later ones include such details as 'from other parishes' and whether the marriage was 'after banns' or 'by licence'. Witnesses were not usually included.

Much more information is available on the CD published by the society - Berkshire Marriages, now in its Third Edition - with some 580,000 names, and which contains transcriptions of entries from parish registers and bishop's transcripts. Later entries provide details of witnesses, of fathers of bride and groom, of addresses, occupations and other information.

page last reviewed and revised 17th January 2018

Databases-Berkshire Burials

Berkshire Burials datasets now contain over 900,000 burials (12th Edition, published March 2017). You can read more about the Berkshire Burials CD by clicking here.

You can obtain printouts giving name, age, parish and date with an indication if further information is in the original register. Berkshire Burials is available to purchase from the shop as a CD. It can also be bought by personal callers at The Centre for Heritage and Family History during opening hours.

page last reviewed and revised 17th January 2018

Databases-1861 Census

Transcribing is incomplete and Berkshire Name Search includes over 50,000 names (of a total 190-200,000). All entries are from places west of Reading - modern West Berkshire and the Vale of the White Horse - and also some adjacent parts of Hampshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire, where these were enumerated as part of the civil registration districts of Berkshire (and not within their own county registration districts).

Page reviewed and revised 18th December 2017

Databases- 1871 Census

All districts have been transcribed and some have been checked. Printouts can be provided of full transcriptions of a schedule or page.

Page reviewed and revised 18th December 2017

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