Cookies are small amounts of text, often encrypted, that websites, like this one, ask your browser to store for a time, so that the website can deliver the right information for you, in the right format, and work smoothly and efficiently to enhance your online experience, whatever device you may be using. These cookies perform core functions. If you disable or restrict them, you may affect the website’s functionality.

You may also want to know how we treat your privacy.

The society uses cookies to provide you with its services on this website — specifically, to hold details of your current search data and to provide a unique session identifier. None of these cookies contain personal or card information.

Certain cookies hold information for anything from a few days to over a year. These are used to:

  • record the size of the type or other layout information for a year;
  • save details of your log-ins to the Members' Area — but only if you ask to be remembered; and
  • indicate that you've opted to accept these cookies for 90 days

Other ‘session’ cookies store information necessary for the website to work smoothly and correctly for you during your visit. These cookies are intended to be deleted automatically when you close your browser. Some browsers, Firefox is an example, have a menu option to restore your previous session. If you choose to use this setting, 'session' cookies are retained and not destroyed immediately):

  • information about your visit to the website;
  • information needed about your visit to the separate library sub-site; and
  • virtuemart – essential for your shopping cart to work when you visit the Shop.

Very occasionally, a change or update to a publicly accessible web page may introduce an additional cookie or cookies. An example would be the inclusion of a Creative Commons license badge or icon.

If you are unhappy with the society’s use of cookies, you can use your browser’s menu and tools to change settings and to remove or control cookies. Most web browsers allow you to do this but, be aware, if you do it, you are likely to affect the website's functionality.

You can find out more about cookies at the Information Commissioner’s Office website (Note: this ICO page has not been updated since the Data Protection Act, 2018 became law.) or at the allaboutcookies website including how to see any cookies that have been set on your device, how to manage them and, should you wish, how to delete them.

Page revised and updated 10th December 2018

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